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The description caught my attention and I couldn t wait to read it Witcheskin went far beyond my expectations It grabbed me from the beginning and I couldn t put it down The main character comes to life as you watch him struggle with his personal demons low self esteem and self worth and a close minded community that doesn t understand him r his motivations All he wants is to help those around him and as he takes Radio Crackling, Radio Gone on an investigation into a stringf animal mutilations he finds himself way The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta: California's Gold Rush Bandit over his head I highly recommend this book and can t wait to see what else Nem Rowan will bring to his readers A Joyfully Jay review 35 starsSo firstff I will say that this is an incredibly creative world The mythos that the author chose to weave into the tale was amazing and well chosen There are a lot Limey Gumshoe of elements that piued my interest and the magic is complex and interesting I have to give Rowan credit for the elements they chose and there was a certain whimsical nature even when the story got dark that were really clever However there was something lacking in the execution here that failed to keep my attention I had issues with how easily Owen accepted things and then how easily he fell into his role To be honest this might be nitpickyf me but since Owen had not shown any natural talent toward magic prior it was a little hard to believe that he d first believe it so readily and then secondly have no ualms about jumping inThe characters themselves were interesting Owen was the narrator and we certainly got to know him best He s troubled and has an incredibly rough time Maritime Academy Graduate: Memoir Of A Third Mate of it But he grows throughout the novel and learns to embrace his newfound talentsRead Kris review in its entirety here ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review This book picked my interest when I saw itn my Twitter timeline when the author was searching for reader and made pre release advertisement I read the blurb and honestly I wasn t sure what to think about the book Sure the blurb is interesting but very vague When I also got the information that this book is pretty dark has supernatural elements the use f magic and witches appear I was capured But I also pondered if the trigger and content warnings to be find n the publisher s website here under content notes Trouble Looking for a Place to Happen of verbal abuse transphobia the graphic displayf animal mutilation and Dressed for Thrills: 100 Years of Halloween Costumes and Masquerade other heavy parts would be something I could endure When I decided yes I ll give the book a try and read further the first page I was hookedYes the author Nem Rowan describes the scenery in a very graphic way the natural beauty is visible before your inner eye whichf course makes the graphic gory scenes and description f the dead animals less pleasant It s the mix and the curiousity you feel as a reader I admit I liked it because it was totally making sense to be this graphic although I ve to say it was almost poetic and lyrical and that had a special appeal It s kind f a morbid curiosity something you either like From Paella to Porridge: A Farewell to Mallorca and a Scottish Adventure or notFrom the first pagen I was with Owen On Toby's Terms our protagonist He is suffering living in the isolated pretty bigot and transphobic acting village in Wales where his mother has her roots On thene hand he feels connected through the village with his deadmissing father n the ther hand he is confronted with people who know about his transition and have a distant behaviour towards him whereas his mother s boyfriendlover Geraint is the worst in whereas his mother s boyfriendlover Geraint is the worst in him by his ld name never acknowledging his new identity In fact he is fueled by hatred and tries to rile up Owen whenever he canThe main problems and the thrilling parts are all connected to the thrilling parts are all connected to but I won t tell how because it would take a majority f the suspense I can just say the revealings are surprising it s really captivating how Nem Rowan is able to hook you as the reader Within ne book there are so many new things you learn but you aren t this verwhelmed because the connection is there the explanation is given the way how it s displayed is fascinating and intriguing togetherI also loved the romantic relationship between Owen and Maredudd and I laughed so Indiscretion often when both behaved humorous and had their small banter and witty comments I want to stressut that Maredudd and Owen have an age gap Indiscretion of 15 years so if this isn t your thing you should maybe not read it If you love things like this go and get the book I was also totally fondf Maredudd s father Morcant and his appearance is a pretty remarkable just saying and Owen s mother Wenda was a great secondary character tooI really loved how Owen and Maredudd s realationship grew within the book and how connected they are There is an intimacy which is different than Owen has to his mother for example and for the first time he feels understood feels connected to someone truly If you expect really explicit intimate scenes between them there are a few but the majority is a display f their affection through kisses and touches very tender and sweet although there is enough innuendo I loved this balance I can t wait to see f them together Soul Dust of their daily lifeThis debut work totally nailed it and I can recommend it wholeheartedly If you arekay with The Dyfed Enigma: Unidentified Flying Objects in West Wales on page transphobia verbal abuse graphic displayf violence animal mutilation talk 6S: The 6S Review, Issue 2 of suicide andn the Blackbird other hand be fondf darker magic supernatural elements love age gaps you ll probably want to pick the book up maybe even love it as much as I did 5 Midwest Maize: How Corn Shaped the U.S. Heartland outf 5 stars for itReview Surly Bonds originally postedn my blog with added content Mikku chan A world full Sex, Lies, and Videotape of words It sne if these hidden gems that deserve way attention Wales witches and a mysterious beast Add wn voices trans rep and a cute healthy mm romance What can ne possibly wantI m probably the Syzygy: Reflections on the Monastery of the Seven Rays only person who s read The Rough Sleepers before Witcheskin and I thought I knew to expect from Nem Rowan I was wrong It s a very different sortf a story and while they are both urban fantasy they manage to escape the restraints f the schematics f the genre and at the same time remain very different from Whore Stories: A Revealing History of the World's Oldest Profession one another I ve no idea how Nem Rowan achieved it but he did But while the stories are very different Witcheskin still has the best featuresf The Rough Sleepers inclusiveness and rough believable charactersTrust me you don t want to miss The Paper Wife outn this ne I ll be honest I had to DNF after around 5% The editing r the lack We, the People: Of Earth Elders of was simply atrocious but that wasn t my main issue It was the racism The first time the white protagonist called his Middle Eastern future love interest donkey lashes I jerked in my seat I was confused and hurt Com. His mother and her boyfriend While pursuing the mysteryf cattle mutilations in the area he meets Maredudd

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First Black Marxism: The Making of the Black Radical Tradition of all the reasons why you should read this book in mypinionTrans rep adorable healthy and sexy mm romance witches mystery horror elements magic and a gorgeous Welsh village And Im gonna try to keep this review short even though I could write a long story about my thoughts This book has stayed with me since I finished it and I just want This book was honestly so much than I expected I thought I would like it because it sounded so interesting but I didnt expect to love it this much It was fun to read a book with so much horror and mystery elements in it since I dont read many books like that and I was creeped مترو out so many times In a good wayf course The way the author describes some settings and writes some f the scenes seriously made me look towards the window in my room than nce expecting to see someone there So creepy but also so much fun Nem Rowan made me want to read horrorthriller stories And talking about the horror elements without spoiling anything I really loved the witches part The Windy Season of the story and Nem s taken witches how they worked with the elements curses and everything else Both the creepy and the non creepy partsLets talk about Owen the main character because I love him so much First Oldies but Goodies of all he s such an amazingly written character Reading about him made me feel as if I truly got to know him inside andut and I fell and in love with him Owen struggles a lot with how he sees himself as well as how A Month of Sundays other people look at him and it just made me very emotional I could never fully understand the struggle that comes with being transgender and Im not gonna pretend I can but all I can say is that reading about Owen and being inside his head made me emotional in many different ways Sad becausef how he struggled sometimes but also very happy and inspired because Evangeline, a Master For Tonight Companion Novel of how creative he is and also how strong he is through everything even when he doubts himself I want to say that this story is as much about the mystery Owen is trying to solve as it is about him trying to figureut who he wants to be himself and how he fits in The books has many moments where I felt heartbroken and just wanted to give him big hugs but also just as many moments where I felt happy because it was Beneath the Jolly Roger obvious that Owen felt confident and happy the longer we got into the story A lotf those happy moments was because he fell in love but with that said the story is definitely not a love will make you happy and solve everything sort Merzbook: The Pleasuredome of Noise of thing its about Owen finding someone who encourages him to just be himself as he is and that thats enough Someone who makes him feel worthy and safeTalking about Owen falling in love another thing that made this book so amazing and precious to me was the relationship between him and Maredudd They are both such amazing characters and when Owen fell in love with Maredudd I fell in love with them both at the same time And notnly because they are super adorable together but also because f how eual healthy and beautiful their relationship was from the start This felt so important to me that Maredudd fell for Owen because f the man he is and never Pig once uestioned Owen being trans Thenly time he even mentions it was as a small hint about it Scipio Rising (Scipio Africanus one timenly to tell Owen to stop worrying about it being a problem I feel your fear And and I understand it I know I know why And its kay I just wanted you to know thats all Maredudd is just such an kind beautiful and precious soul This relationship and the way Maredudd made Owen feel loved as he was made me so happy And yes I smiled like a dork through all their parts I want f themI also love the way Nem describes the setting through Rim of the Pit (Rogan Kincaid, out the book He has a wayf really putting me in that Welsh village while reading about it and it was beautiful It was almost as if I could smell the sea sometimes and see all the cliffs before me This was also the reason why it was as creepy as it was sometimes because I felt as if I was in the scary parts as well and it freaked me They Also Serve out a lot in a great wayf course So yeah the descriptions in the book was amazing and even during the parts where not much happened it never got boring because you were in the world This definitely gave it another star from meOkay I could keep talking about why I loved this book forever and there are things and characters to mention but Im gonna stop now All I want to add is this Put this n your TBR and give it a shot Its worth *it and you wont regret it Also this is nly the first book in a * and you wont regret it Also this is No Time for Sergeants only the first book in a and Im so freaking excited to read and also whatever else that Nem Rowan releases This book is also a valid reason for why everyone should take a steput f their comfort zone sometimes and read books by authors that arent as hyped yet I love to look for hidden gems that ften could get forgotten among all the ther hyped nes and this is definitely ne f those DNFed at 31% This book was kinda a baffling read for me Based n the summary I Should Love It But It Was Hard For Me To love it but it was hard for me to into itThere were two big problems I had with this bookFirst the racism Listen I am white as mayonaise but I don t think its appropriate to call your love interests donkey r any variation thereof That was a big WTF moment when I got to it and I almost put the book downThe second was the disprepancy between the showing and telling I am not sure if the was bad writing Junior Jolt or if it was supposed to show that we cannot believe the main hero s POV but i sure as hell didn t enjoy itMy mom really loves me and supports me his mother has a partner who is abusive and transphobic towards her son and she does nothing about it Me Or the whole towns hates me the same chapter we meet three characters who are very nice and welcoming to the main hero I never cry cries twice in the chapterI would wave this whole thing away if the main hero was 17 19 yearsld If the book didn t mention the actual age I would say he is a teenage hero full Ceux de la posie vcue of angst It would also explain why he still lives with his mom and doesn t have a job I would say fair enoughBut the main character is 27 yearsld Why the hell is almost 30 year ld man staying with his mother in a town where he can t get a job Wouldn t it be easier to return to Bristol where he was accepted had friends and where he has good chances f finding employment Where he wouldn t have to face abusive transphobic assholesWellI wouldn t say this book is badly written though it could use an editor who would catch thing like donkey eyelashes but its definitely not my cup f tea at all I received this novel from the author as a giveaway n Twitter I entered because. Following the disappearance Troublemaker:: One Man's Crusade Against China's Cruelty of his father Owen returns to the Welsh village where he was raised to live with. Paring Middle Eastern people to cattle is horrible in any context even if you re trying to give a compliment I think it was supposed to be a complimentary nickname It s not actually used in a positive way I just realized I was already upset but I thoughtkay this might be a tireless: oneff thing It wasn t Maybe a page later the protagonist continues with this Everyone else called him the Persian Teach Them Spanish!, Grade 1 or that Iranian fella I had never heard his actual name and hadnly ever seen him from a distance when he was working in the fields It was also in that respect that he reminded me Toque de Veludo of a donkey because it seemed no matter how much work load the farmers piledn top f him he continued to toil away in all weather So wait You re saying that because the farmers around you are apparently racist and treat Maredudd like shit and he doesn t fight it he s like cattle Donkey especially There s so much wrong with this situation The race component to calling poc cattle is so horrible how has nobody caught this in proof reads Betas Editors Anyone After that I had to check how many times does he get compared to donkey and according to the kindle search function it s four times Four times this Middle Eastern character gets compared to a donkey Why use donkey as example for long lashes instead f the commonly accepted cow which by the way has no racial connotations Saying he s as hardworking as a mule is fine saying he reminds you Kaleidoscope of a donkey because farmers treat him bad is Very Much Not My family is Middle Eastern I got called much worse than just donkey growing up But I don t expect to read something like that in a romance If anyone compared mer anyone in my family to a donkey I would break their face Witcheskin had such a vivid and creative world I really loved the magic and the uniue perspective The Four Racketeers of it I am not used to this kindf folklore and myths and I enjoyed reading about them It had some dark elements and gore y parts that gave the story a darker shade that went so well with the wind that was blowing ut my apartment I liked all the characters for different reasons and my favorite ne has to be Maredudd He was very interesting from the beginning to the end and had a great voice I hope I m explaining this right I couldn t wait for every scene with him in itI liked Owen too and his journey got me reading some articles and threads so I can understand it better He is strong but everyone breaks at some point and I liked that he was so Phantoms Monsters: Mysterious Encounters open to everything new it suited him wellI won this book in an Instagram giveaway by April and I have to say a big thank you I want to read books with LGBT cha 35 stars Witcheskin is an intense atmospheric book that startsut very slow It took me several weeks to get through the first 40% but after that it got intense and I flew through the restContent warnings include transphobia animal mutilation and gore injury through falling body horror in a witchy context various horror elements racismThe format Smithereens of the book is familiar tiny village where everyone knows everyone a mysterious beast roaming the woods killing and gruesomly mutilating animals and all the villagers pretend it s just a rabid dogr wolf rather than something vastly horrifyingThe main character Owen feels like an utsider in the tiny Welsh town His parents might have been born and grown up there but be grew up in Bristol until his father s death brough him and his mother back to her roots It *doesn t help that he s dependent n his mom s new boyfriend who s an * t help that he s dependent Dark Diversions on his mom s new boyfriend who s an ahole anduted him as trans to the village community many f whom are small mindedHis nly solace is his camera and the mystery Yamashita's Ghost: War Crimes, Macarthur's Justice, and Command Accountability of the mutilated animals that he s trying to solve even if the villagers don t want him to And then there s Maredudd anld friend Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures with Wolf-Birds of his parents who suddenly turns up injured in their house and seems to know much than he letsnThe atmosphere f the book was what drew me in It s bleak and heavy like a *Smothering Blanket That Chokes You But Provides *blanket that chokes you but provides much warmth and twisted comfort to leave which very much reflects Owen s situationThe rampant transphobia he faces was hard to swallow at times but there were bright moments too His mother is very supportive but doesn t always speak up for him even if the love between mother and son is palpable Not all f the villagers are bigoted dckheads and there are several friendly and even warm interactions tooIt wasn t always clear to me why Owen who dckheads and there are several friendly and even warm interactions tooIt wasn t always clear to me why Owen who 28 doesn t just leave He lives with his mother and Geraint her horrible boyfriend and is entirely dependent n the latter It s hinted that Geraint uting Owen to the village community is the reason that Owen doesn t have a job and thus can t earn money to support himself but there is little textual support as to why the Lord of The Heart: Regency Romance one causes thetherIt s also hinted that Owen s shyness and lack f self worth is part f the rift between him and the villagers but again it s not something clearly elaborated Love! Valour! Compassion! or establishedThese were minor uestions marks that came up while reading but didn t impede the reading experienceverallThe minor romantic sideplot was well done in some areas and lacking in Scream others I liked Owen s internal monologue and how he felt as he was getting closer to Maredudd I could relate to him a lot but the actual falling in lovedeveloping a crush part was flimsy at best Owen simply states what he likes about Maredudd but the reader doesn t get to see anyf those ualities that early Kumiko and the Dragon on Maredudd is mostly smiling silently for that part barely ever talking and I was surprised to find how early Owen expressed interest in Maredudd when he was still such a unknown variable to the readerThe mysteryf the beast stalking the village wasn t always as prominent as I had hoped and mostly develops in the second half Probabilities on the Heisenberg Group: Limit Theorems and Brownian Motion of the book That s also when the witchy stuff starts to happenI liked theverall mystery though the conclusion was a lot smaller scale than I had anticipated and there weren t a lot The Purpose of Creation of clues foreshadowingr build up previous to the big reveal Witcheskin is wnvoices for the trans rep which felt very raw and authenticThere were also several editing errors typos and some cases where I think the wrong words were usedwords switched places accidentally which was confusing at timesThe writing was good and easy to read with mostly vivid descriptions save for a few extremely awkward nes like describing Maredudd who was born in Iran as donkey lashes which I found uestionable Loved it Magic romance and a relatable main character the last f which is super uncommon for me to find so thank you My trans masc heart needed this. N ld friend f his mother's and learns something about his parents that they've never told him♦ 110000 wor. Witcheskin