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World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War

Unjust Deserts

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New week New BookTube Video all about the best and worst literary apocalypses to live throughThe Written Review Humanity survived Zombie apacolypse Like after any great tragedy the government wants a record Max Brooks is their oral historian Only when he hands his documents the bureaucracy whittles it down to the bare facts Humans over every nation dragged their bone weary bodies through this war They are now faced with the numbing task of rebuilding society They deserve to have their stories told So he publishes the true account of World War ZTold in a series of vignettes we listen in on interviews as Brooks travels both the country and the world And one thing is certain life with zombies is a chilling tale The monsters that rose from the dead they are nothing compared to the ones we carry in our hearts The vignettes are absolutely riveting There s a bit of the regular zombie murder mayhem but the story focuses on the human side of things How the survivors survived There s the blind man who fought off a hoard with no than a blunt staff Some people lost their minds succumbing to tree belief that they have joined the dead There s the unintentionally cannibalistic family and so much Most people don t believe something can happen until it already has Audiobook comments Read by Max Brooks Alan Alda John Turturro Rob Reiner Mark Hamill Alfred Molina Simon Pegg Henry Rollins and Martin Scorsese Highly recommended ou listen to this novel it s a uality production Every voice is country specific and the actors read very convincingly It feels like I m next to Max as he interviews the survivorsYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading At this current moment in time my husband and I do not actually have a working will We are the legal definition of intestate We have not Driven by Desire yet made any preparations for our death and we only have life insurancehouse insurance because his mother organized the whole damn thing come to mention it she is also the reason we have electricity water and a phone line the internet though was all us because we d die without itSo believe me when I say that we don t organize anything Except our zombie kit That s right We have a zombie kit Should zombies suddenly strike while I type out this review we would be able to take our son and get in our car and drive away without a backward glance Everything we need is in the boot of the car If we re holed up inside the house we have our second zombie kit to live off of and use to defend ourselves We have several plans in place as to where to go what to do if we re separated at time of crisis who we re taking with us how we ll stay in contact etcSome may call his paranoia Some may call this stupidity Doou know what I call these naysayers Zombie foodIt is this obsessive and weird need to ensure survival during a zombie apocalypse despite every rational reason to believe that all our efforts are for naught that has made me the prime candidate and target group of this book It is not the norm of the zombie genre In general a zombie movie tends to be about a small group of individuals against the undead hordes looking to floss with intestines This book is not about a small group of individuals it is about a large collection of humanity This book is how HUMANITY would survive and deal with a zombie infestation It is a collection of small broken narratives from people all over the world across many social economic and political classes Some of them were amazing others horrifying Some were inspirational others so depressing or introspective that I wondered if there was any hopeI would argue that many of the voices from certain nationalities were not really very accurate and didn t really match the cultural region they came from but I m lazy Either ou get the voice of the narratives or ou don tThis book was a fascinating thoughtful read in a field that I m personally obsessed with I could easily understand how those who ve never stayed up until three in the morning drunk off their heads with a group of people În excavator (Trilogia Nomilor yelling that if they head into the city then they re zombie meat Zombie meat I say You ridiculous idiots probably will find this book a hard readIt s also a difficult read in the sense thatou are continually sucked into one story only to have it end abruptly and shift to another I kept getting frustrated and wanting to scream No Go back I want to know what else happened but alas It s like little snap shots from all Over The World Except When It Comes the world except when it comes several of the snapshots I d really rather see the whole pictureOther than that I loved it I had a hoot reading it It gave me plenty of fodder with which to have many drunken debates with my husband brothers and friendsMuch to their disgust this book is about zombies the same way the bible is about god they are mostly background actors who are the reason other characters do what they do and occasionally they will rarrrr in and kill a bunch of people because they cant help it but mostly they are an invisible presence always to be feared but never given a voice this whole book takes place after the zombies have already destroyed most of the world and is a collection of the testimonials of hundreds of different characters detailing their experiences with the zombie outbreak and how they have survived because of this there arent really any action scenes or any immediate terror this book is about politics and global My full review of this book is longer than Goodreads word count limitations find the entire essay at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercomAnytime I hear of some funny gimmicky book suddenly becoming popular among the hipster set I always suint my eyes and brace myself for the worst because usually when it comes to such books the worst is all An Accidental Woman you can expect to find an endless series of fluffy pop culture pieces designed specifically for crafty point of purchase display atour favorite corporate superstore and then a ear later to be forgotten by society altogether And so it s been in the last six months as I ve heard and about this book World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War which supposedly is a hilarious actual oral history about an apocalyptic war with the undead that supposedly almost wiped out the human race as we know it even worse that it had been inspired by an actual gimmicky point of purchase humor book the dreadful Zombie Survival Guide from a few ears been inspired by an actual gimmicky point of purchase humor book the dreadful Zombie Survival Guide from a few The Siege Winter years which had been published specifically and only to make a uick buck off the overly specific survival guide craze of the early 2000s And even worse than all this the author of both is Max Brooks as in the son of comedy legend Mel Brooks and if the son of a comedy legend is trawling the literary gutters of gimmicky point of purchase humor books the chances usually are likely that they have nothing of particular interest to saySo what a surprise then to read the book myself this month and realize that it s not a gimmicky throwaway humor book at all but rather a serious and astute look at the next 50ears of global politics using a zombie outbreak as a metaphorical stand in for any of the pervasive challenges facing us as an international culture these days terrorism global warming disease natural disasters showing with the precision of a policy analyst just how profoundly the old way of doing things is set to fail in the near future when some of these challenges finally become crises It is in fact an astoundingly intelligent book as real as any essay by Seth Godin or Malcolm Gladwell basically imagining the debacle of New Orleans multiplied by a million then imagining what would happen if the Bushists were to react to such a thing in the same way and even astounding Brooks posits that maybe the real key to these future challenges lies with the citizens of third world countries in that they are open to greater and faster adaptability than any fat lazy middle class American or European ever could be Oh The Accidental Romance yeah and it s got face eating zombies too Did I mention the face eating zombiesBecause that s the thing to always remember that this comes from an author who has spent nearly his entire life in the world of comedy and gimmicky projects not only from family connections but also his own job as a staff writer at Saturday Night Live from 2001 to 03 that no matter how smart World War Z gets and it gets awfully smart at points it is still ultimately a fake oral history of an apocalyptic zombie war that supposedly takes place just five or tenears from now starting as these messes often do as a series of isolated outbreaks in remote third world villages And in fact this is where Brooks first starts getting his political digs in right from the first page of the manuscript itself by using the initial spread of the zombie virus to comment on the way such past epidemics like HIV have been dealt with by the corrupt old white males who used to be in charge of things basically by ignoring the issue as long as it wasn t affecting fellow white males then only paying attention after it s become an unstoppable epidemic In Brooks world just like the real one of pre 911 intelligence gathering we see that a few government smarties from around the world really were able to catch the implications of this mysterious new virus while it was still theoretically controllable just that their memos and papers went ignored for political reasons by those actually in *charge as well as getting lost in the vast bureaucratic shuffle that the Cold War has created in the Western military *as well as getting lost in the vast bureaucratic shuffle that the Cold War has created in the Western military complexThat s probably the most pleasurable part of the first half to tell Chalk Cheese you the truth and by pleasurable I mean witty and humorous in a bleak horrifying schauenfreude kind of way of watching the virus become and of a threat of watching entire cities start to go under because of the zombie epidemic then watching Brooks paint an extremely thinly veiled portrait of how the Bush administration would deal with such a situation and by extension any government ruled by a small cabal of backwards power hungry religious fundamentalists And in this then World War Z suddenly shifts from a critiue about AIDS to. The Zombie War came unthinkably close to eradicating humanity Max Brooks driven by the urgency of preserving the acid etched first hand experiences of the survivors from those apocalypticears traveled across the United States of America and throughout the world from decimated cities that once teemed with upwards of thirty million souls to the most remote and inhospitable areas of the planet He recorded the testimony of men women and sometimes children who came face to face with the living or at least the undead hell of that dreadful time World War Z is the result Never before have we had access to a document that so powerfully conveys the depth of fear and horror and also the ineradicable spirit of resistance that gripped human society through the plague Christmas with Grandma Elsie (The Original Elsie Dinsmore Classics years Ranging from the now infamous village of New Dachang in the United Federation of China where the epidemiological trail began with the twelveear old Patient Zero to the unnamed northern forests where untold numbers sought a terrible and temporary refuge in the cold to the United States of Southern Africa where the Redeker Plan provided hope for humanity at an unspeakable price to the west of the Rockies redoubt where the North American tide finally started. ,

A critiue about Ira showing how in both situations the Middle East and zombies that is the real priority of the people currently in charge is to justify all the trillions of dollars spent at traditional weapon manufacturing companies under the old Cold War system companies by the way where all the people in charge have lucrative executive jobs when they re not being the people in charge leading to such ridiculous situations as a full on tank and aircraft charge mostly for the benefit of the lapdog press outlets who are there covering the first grand assault In Ira unfortunately we found that a billion dollars in tanks still can t stop a teenage girl with a bomb strapped to her chest and metaphorically that might be the most chilling scene in the entirety of World War Z as well the press friendly zombie response set up by the Bush led government in New York s Yonkers neighborhood done not for good strategic reasons but rather to show off the billions of dollars in weapons the government had recently acuired leading to a virtual slaughter of all the soldiers and journalists there by the chaotic zombie hoard that eventually arrivesThis then gets us into the first futuristic posit of Brooks in the novel to not have actually happened in real life Doctor Who yet the Great Panic that is when the vast majority of humans suddenly lose faith in whatever government was formerly running their section of the world and where mass anarchy and chaos leads to the accidental and human on human deaths of several hundreds of millions of people And again by detailing a fictional tragedy like a global zombie epidemic and the complete failure of a Bush type administration to adeuately respond to it Brooks is eerily predicting here such real situations like last week s complete meltdown of Bear Stearns the fifth largest investment bank in the entire United States leading many to start wondering for the first time what exactly would happen if the US dollar itself was to experience the same kind of whirlwind collapse a collapse that happens so fast in a single business day in the case of Bear Stearns that no one in the endless red tape of the government itself has time to actually respond to itBrooks answer here is roughly the same one Cormac McCarthy proposed in lastear s Pulitzer winning The Road chaos bloodshed violence inhumanity an everyone for themselves mentality from the very people we trusted to lead us in such times of crisis Make no mistake this is a damning and devastating critiue of the corrupt conservatives currently in charge of things a book that uses the detritus of popular culture to masuerade as a funny and gross book about zombies but like the best fantastical literature in history is in fact a prescient look at our current society It s unbelievable in fact how entertaining and engrossing this novel is throughout its middle given how this is usually the part of any book that is the slowest and least interesting here Brooks uses the naturally slow middle of his own story to make the majority of his political points and to get into a really wonky side of global politics that is sure to satisfy all ou hardcore policy junkies as well as military fetishistsBecause that s the final thing important to understand about World War Z is that it s a novel with a truly global scope Brooks here takes on not only what such a zombie epidemic would do to our familiar US of A but also how such an epidemic would spread in the village centric rural areas of southeast Asia the infrastructure poor wastelands of Russia and and especially how each society fights the epidemic in slightly different ways some with success than others For example Brooks posits that in such places as India population density is just too high to do much of any good in his fictional world history such countries are basically decimated by such a catastrophe with there basically being few humans even left in India by the time everything *Is Over Other Countries *over Other countries used to picking up as a nation and fleeing for other lands survive the zombie outbreaks uite well those who are already used to being refugees for example see not too much of a difference in their USUAL LIFESTYLE FROM THIS LATEST TURN IN EVENTS IRONICALLY lifestyle from this latest turn in events ironically them the societies most suited for survival in such a world This is opposed to all the clueless middle class Americans in the novel for example who #In A Panic Make #a panic make the wilds of northern Canada in the blind hope that the winter weather will freeze the zombies into non action although that turns out to be true poor planning unfortunately results in the deaths of tens of millions of people anyway from hypothermia and starvation and plain ol mass murderAnd this is ultimately what I mean by this book being such a politically astute one because as The book of war the one we ve been writing since one ape slapped another was completely useless in this situation We had to write a new one from scratch With most apocalyptic situations I think the hardest part to deal with is that there are no wrong decisions or right decisions There are simply too many variables to consider if our ultimate goal is to survive The most meticulously planned strategies can still result in failure You make the best decisions Cinder Royal you can and then hope for a bit of luck Should we barricade ourselves hoping to be saved or go North hoping the zombies will eventually become popsicles when winter hits Are we safer in the underground tunnels of Paris or on a cruise ship or living in the woods by ourselves Whatever decisionou make Myself and Other More Important Matters you must think long game and short game The short game the immediate concerns involve food water and shelter The short and long game both come into play when trying to figure out how to avoid becoming zombie chow Onceou survive the first wave of contagion then whatThis book is written as an investigative report collecting all the experiences of survivors from around the world Different cultures reacted differently to the apocalypse Some were successful than others The learning curve unfortunately has to be short with apocalyptic situations especially if the hope is to actually salvage civilisation The lights go out and many of the comforts we ve become accustomed to are gone instantly and the possessions that have come to define us such as electronic devices suddenly become useless If the whole idea of a zombie apocalypse is too wild a concept for Downhill Slide you to graspou might be relieved that for the most part the zombies are really just part of the background What Max Brooks is really dealing with goes well beyond the concept of zombies and focuses on how people survived the collapse of civilisation He could have used microbes or conventional war or a devastating meteorite hitting the earth or any of the other fascinating concepts that people have come up with as ways to end the world It reads like books of a similar nature that collect the stories of people who survived World War Two The scope is huge and impressive Brooks addresses aspects about a zombie apocalypse that I have never thought about before uislings Yeah Capital Cities/Abc, The Early Years, 1954 1986 you know the people that went nutballs and started acting like zombies Ok I ve read a handful of zombie books not enough to make myself an expert but certainly enough to have some background on the lore of a zombie apocalypse WTH Now Brooks didn t just make this term up It is a term from WW2 A uisling is a person who collaborates with an enemy occupying force The word originates from the Norwegian war time leader Vidkun uisling who headed a domestic Nazi collaborationist regime during the Second World War The minds of survivors I m sure snapped in all kinds of strange and wonderful and terrifying ways but unfortunately So I ve seen the movie several times when it was on TV and I have to say that I even watched a scene or two a couple of dozen times on Youtube Yes the action and visuals are fantastic Okay except the one where the guy tears his own toothuckBut after reading the comments where people were angry at the movie saying that it does not hold a candle to the book I knew I had to read it And Audrey Hepburn yes I do agree that the only things the movie took from the book were the zombies and Israel building a wall Oh and the titleRight away I was very surprised by the format of this book it was not all what I was expecting And the I think about it I believe it would be better if I picked up an audiobook instead of a book Yeah shocking I never thought I would say such a thing Every interview is done with a different person so soon I stopped paying attention to their names so when they again appeared later in the book I had a hard time connecting them with their previous chapters Also like one third into the book I got stuck after several boring chapters where I seriously considered DNFing this book but then I pushed through andes it was worth it I loved that we got to see how so many different parts of the world battled with the zombies The different approaches what do to the countries did they go all savage Did they bomb their own people Did they just lose all control That was fantastic to watchAnd surprisingly this book made me even laugh I just loved the boy who almost missed the zombies because he was focused on his computer I did not expect that That s the one thing Silent Seduction you can always depend on as we re fighting on war we re always preparing for the next oneI did not very much grasp how they were suddenly able to fight the zombies when they previously failed with much better euipment but alright But I have to say that zombie cleaning is funny to imagine Especially of those underwater I bet it will be fun if a zombie managed to get stuck in the Mariana Trench However the scene I was sort of hoped for was post war when some scientists have a zombie in a lab for studying that would be fantastic I honestly would love to see some experiments on these creatures The book stated that it seemed that the state of the zombies deteriorated but I wonder what would happen if they maybe starved forears So many possibilities What sort of surprised me is that I expected that when the humans would go so close to extinction that the environment. To turn this invaluable chronicle reflects the full scope and duration of the Zombie War Most of all the book captures with haunting immediacy the human dimension of this epochal event Facing the often raw and vivid nature of these personal accounts reuires a degree of courage on the part of the reader but the effort is invaluable because as Mr Brooks says in his introduction By excluding the human factor aren't we risking the kind of personal detachment from history that may heaven forbid lead us one day to repeat it And in the end isn't the human factor the only true difference between us and the enemy we now refer to as 'the living dead' Note Some of the numerical and factual material contained in this edition was previously published under the auspices of the United Nations Postwar Commission Eyewitness reports from the first truly global war I found 'Patient Zero' behind the locked door of an abandoned apartment across town His wrists and feet were bound with plastic packing twine Although he'd rubbed off the skin around his bonds there was no blood There was also no blood on his other wounds He was writhing like an animal; a gag muffled his growls At first the villagers tried to hold me back They warned me not. .
Would get better no factories running no one is dumping anything in the water etc but it was otherwise and it sort of made sense There had to be so many fires it s terrifying to imagine But I wonder about the impact of all those nukes usedAnd that s another thing I wish was different the last part was sort of jumping from character to character for short conclusions but I would love to see about the brand new world Honestly I think I would be able to read a book dedicated to each country Especially Russia Iceland and Israel would be interesting Also I wish we really knew what happened in North Korea I also wonder about Patient Zero because when the doctor in China informed his friend they knew what was going on the military seemed ready for what was happening there That does not seem like the first caseOverall the book is 355 for me I think I will get the audiobook to see if I ll like that format better This book was initially recommended to me by several people in the office and since I love zombies and apocalyptic themes well I was pretty excited Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations and I struggled to finish it I m going to write this review under the assumption that the reader has some inkling about the story and how it s constructedThere are two issues that killed it for me Firstly most of the characters had the same or similar voice Of course this is partly to do with the fact that the voices all originate from the mind of one individual the author Also the journalisticinterview approach to constructing the narrative limits how much color the author can impart on any given character and A is inherently dry no matter how exciting the events described are intended to be This is a minor gripe though and one that can be lived withA serious complaint however is that this book can be seen as completely lacking any and all dramatic tension that a person or me expects from a survival horror themed story The primary draw the zombie war and how humanity survived is such a compelling hook but it s toldby the people who survived As in past tense as in we are left with their impressions of things that happened to them Basically then the story devolves into an excercise in basic exposition And then this happened and then that happened And so the author is free to weave his story without any pesky things like character development story arcs plotting and personal details that are shown and not told It seems to me like an extraordinarily easy maybe even lazy way to tell a story One other minor point For me accounts of survival when the victims are real have meaning that allows them to transcend the limitations described above WW2 Holocaust survivors accounts for example can take our breath away The difference is of course that they were real events that happened to real people Since all the classic storytelling elements are dispensed with we re basically left with the author s views on our current world particularly and naturally the wars and our cultures However it s my view that there are dozens of books written about these subjects already books that haven t needed to sex the discussion up with a horde of shambling undead So in summary if I m going to read an apocalyptic recounting of the end of civilization as we know it I want to read about people in real time struggling to survive not being told how people surivived after it was over I realize though that it s all a matter of taste as I know half a dozen people whose views I respect that absolutely loved this book D I know what ou re thinking Five stars for this book Why If The Scarecrows you ve been following my reviews thenou know I tend to stress over how many stars to give a book and I m not one to hand out five star ratings willy nilly I m usually uite cautious when it comes to handing out that all important Fifth I M Stingy star m stingy being said every once in a while a book that may or may not be amazing comes along and wows me And now Circles in the Dust you re probably thinking But Penny it s a book about zombies Zombies Disgusting rotting corpses that stumble around looking to sink their teeth into any living thing How how could that sort of thing wowou Are Death in a Serene City you like smoking crack First things first No I m not smoking crack Everyone knows crack is cheap I much prefer the real thing Now that I ve cleared that up lets move on shall we So World War Z I really enjoyed it which was a surprise because I didn t think I would This book is not something I would ve picked up on my own Had it not been for a couple of really nice Barnes Noble employees who practically shoved this book in my hands while gushing about its supreme awesomeness I definitely wouldn t have purchased it But since they didn t have the book I was looking for Storm Front by Jim Butcher and since I d already been bitten by the zombie bug over aear ago The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan I took a chance and purchased this bookDespite the fact that Max Brooks used to write for SNL and also happens to be Mel Brooks son this book isn t funny nor is it meant to be Max Brooks tells this story through a series of interviews given by survivors of The Great Panic or World War Z the Z stands for Zombie in case A Runaway World? you didn tou know put two and two togetherThe interviewees come from different parts of the world and they tell their accounts of what happened to them what they thought when they first heard of what was first referred to as African Rabies what happened when the Great Panic started in their part of the world A lot of these stories are sad andor terrifying but mostly I found them incredibly intriguing Before I go on I need to add that I totally geek out over documentaries and this book were it in movie form would be a documentary I m one that appreciates the method Max Brooks uses to tell this story To me the beginning of this book has to do with the way things are done in this world politics wise than anything else Of course as the book goes on and and governments are collapsing due to the fact that zombies are basically taking over the world we get a good look at human nature during times of crisis I found the whole thing fascinating Hardcore zombie lovers need to know that this isn t a book that follows one set of characters though some interviews have been broken up and so a few characters are featured in this book than once Rather it is one story told by several different people There is continuity in the order in which the stories are told to us and sometimes one survivor s account answers a uestion that was raised by another survivorAll that said there is uite a bit of zombie slaying action Lots of blood and guts and gore We get to learn how best to stop a zombie and let me assure ou there are many ways We also learn about newest in improvised zombie killing weaponry and effective warfare techniues to decimate a raging out of control zombie population But seriously I loved reading it everything in this whole entire book Me A church going mother of three Although eah I m not The Literary Conference your typical church going mother of three But still PS I d have finished this book a long time ago had it not been for my husband who kept stealing this book away from me so he could read it too He s really liking it btw UPDATE 111012 About aear ago I bought the audiobook from Audible only to discover after purchasing that it was the abridged version I soon found out that was all they had to offer which was uite disappointing because some of my favorite eyewitness accounts from the book were not included I ve since heard from the World War Z s Facebook page that they are going to make an unabridged version I am unaware of when it will be available for purchase That said I did end up liking the abridged audiobook well enough The performances are pretty top notch To those who have zero sense of humor it must be said I m kidding I don t do any drugs and ou need to chill I just can t get on this bandwagon The pseudo government reports the book is written in handicap it in many ways First there are no protagonists to grow with no story arc no climax etc You know what s going to happen from day one there was a world crisis involving zombies and at least some people live to tell the tale The sure knowledge of the outcome deflates any tension and book feels flacid The pseudo scientific jargon is a poor imitation my sister a nurse tossed aside Brooks other Zombie manfesto in disgust within the first few pages and this one fairs no betterand there are far too many emotional pauses and descriptive introductions for what amounts to an addendum to a government study of events The thing that put me over the edge with this book is the inconsistency one chapter has a boy with bloody knuckles sliding his hands about in zombie goo and remaining uninfected and in the next chapter there is an expression of gratitutde that no one exposed to detrius from a headshot has open wounds to be infected through What editor let that get by On top of that racial national stereotypes abound and are crude and unappealing Brooks is obviously a big fan of Israel as they are the heroes of the day even going so far as to selflessly save Palestinian refugees eah rightand remnants of South Africa s apartheid system are given a reprieve due to their pragmatism Russians are wacky comrades Chinamen are inscrutable and Americans are cowboys weakened by education and consumerism UghI won t recommend this book to anyone even a die hard zombie fan lest World War Z ruin the genre for them forever Update See end of review for movie reviewI ve broken my cardinal rule for reading books just before the movie comes out This rule I ve alluded to is the following I don t read the book directly before the movie at least 1 ear before or it must be read after or just wait on the movies The reason for this is that I want to enjoy the story through both mediums and if ou read the book just before the movie ou ve set ourself up to be a critic analyzing everything and complaining about every detail that s inevitably left out but which is often than not necessary for the mediumIf Stanton Adore (Stanton, you read the book at least aear before at least with my shoddy mem. To touch him that he was 'cursed' I shrugged them off and reached for my mask and gloves The boy's skin was cold and gray I could find neither his heartbeat nor his pulse Dr Kwang Jingshu Greater Chonging United Federation of China'Shock and Awe' Perfect name But what if the enemy can't be shocked and awed Not just won't but biologically can't That's what happened that day outside New York City that's the failure that almost lost us the whole damn war The fact that we couldn't shock and awe Zack boomeranged right back in our faces and actually allowed Zack to shock and awe us They're not afraid No matter what we do no matter how many we kill they will never ever be afraid Todd Wainio former US Army infantryman and veteran of the Battle of YonkersTwo hundred million zombies Who can even visualize that type of number let alone combat it For the first time in history we faced an enemy that was actively waging total war They had no limits of endurance They would never negotiate never surrender They would fight until the very end because unlike us every single one of them every second of every day was devoted to consuming all life on Earth General Travis D'Ambrosia Supreme Allied Commander EuropeFrom the Hardcover editi.