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D becomes the victim of a nasty mugging Penniless injured and jaded concerning the bulk of the human race his adventure beginsWow Just wow This was a fun entertaining impressive work of fantasy fiction If ou enjoy our Tolkien esue adventures then fun entertaining impressive work of fantasy fiction If ou enjoy Things for the Surgeon your Tolkien esue adventures then is definitely a book forou to check out There was plenty of world building peoples from various ethnicities fictional and real along with characters of depth The book had my attention from the beginning because Fadarah seems to genuinely regret what he must do seems a little disgusted at the methods for conuering the city and et he goes forth and does it Then Rowen Ah the poor man walked on stage with so many secrets He was a tantalizing character to follow and watch some of those secrets come into the reader s lightI uite enjoyed the mixing of elements from the legends of King Arthur and feudal Japan The Knightly Order of the Lotus was a nice touch And the action was uite engaging There s sell swords brigands warrior mage etc The average farmer seems to be in some sort of recession which makes sense with war here and there But sprinkled among the action are moments of introspection by the characters so the reader doesn t get battle fatigueWhile I would have liked to see a "few female characters it seems I am always saying that I can just pretend Rowen or "female characters it seems I am always saying that I can just pretend Rowen or is a woman in disguise There were a few typos in my version but it is an early ebook review copy these typos were not enough to distract me from enjoying the overall book Book source A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest reviewWar is marching across Ruun and the Free Cities are falling As the army reaches Lyos it appears that Fadarah General of the Throng has made a serious tactical error Or has he The battle for Ruun has been waging on for months but the battle for Lyos is the pivotal one Where does Silwren Rowen Locke and the Isle Knights fit into this grand scheme Are they pieces falling into place or monkey wrenches gumming up the works Wytchfire is full to the brim with epic fantasy It s a rich new world for me to explore with several different kinds of people magic fantastic history and medieval type settings but war famine disease poverty and prejudice have made it into an ugly place Told from several POVs the threads of this story are slowly woven into the beginnings of a complex tapestry By the time this first book of the trilogy ends I have a better understanding of where this story is heading And I have a feeling it s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets betterThe writing is superb It flows so smoothly and uickly that it took no time at all to be lost in the tale The characters are well developed and very real I felt as if I could glance up and see them standing in front of me I especially like Rowen but there are others I like as well Even the villains are well not likeable per se but they pull me in two directions At times I loathe them then they do something to make me pause and say eah I can see why they are doing what they are doing However what they are doing is pretty damn fucked up So conflicted much There are very rarely people who up So conflicted much There are very rarely people who into an all or nothing category People are shades of grey and those are the best characters to read about They make me think what would I do if I were them Could I go that farThis is an excellent start to a wonderful epic fantasy and I look forward to reading about Rowen Silwren Shade Fadarah Aeko and all the others as the next stage in the war begins Plus ou know there are swords What can I say I have a thing for swords D I received Wtchfire free in return for my honest review and honestly this is the most AMAZING book The story is so well told that I could literally see the characters in my minds eye There are so many side stories but they all blend and explain each other seemlessly There s even a surprise towards the end I laughed sighedtensed and even wiped a tear away that s how utterly amazing Wytchfire is. Uel of desire and revenge steel and sorcery And for one disgraced man who would be a knight in a world where no one is blameless the time has come to decide which side he’s on. ,

Uniue and beautiful in the way he immerses ou completely within the world of his characters I felt like I was there enjoying armchair travel and that always means a book is a HUGE hit with me One last thought Fadarah s Nightmare is one I wouldn t want to meet in even my darkest craziest nightmares Just the description of this beastly creation chilled me Fantasy enthusiasts will love Wytchfire and I give it 5 stars without the slightest hesitation I received Wytchfire as a gift from author Michael Meyerhofer in exchange for a fair review of my own work and am I ever grateful that I did Not just that he provided fair critiue of my book I am but that I got to experience one gem of a novel that I might have otherwise MissedSo What Do You Get When You what do Why Place Matters you get whenou two parts Game of Thrones one part Lord of the Rings and meld them together with a giant helping of superb storytelling Wytchfire that s what While I will admit that I am a SciFi kind of guy my adolescent days were spent reading a lot of fantasy Epic dark Arthurian ou name it and as such I was intrigued when Mr Meyerhofer approached me with this novel So much so that I bubbled it to the top of my 800 strong To Be Read list and focused on only bubbled it to the top of my 800 strong To Be Read list and focused on only over the past few days when spare time allowed of courseMeyerhofer s literary expertise and colorful world building make his characters leap off the pa When going through books on GR and ou find a book with just 20 reviews and an average rating of 447 Commentaries and Cases on the Law of Business Organization, 2009-2010 Statutory Supplement you just have to give it a try Because there s books with 10000 reviews and an average rating of less than 39 Some books while extremely popular are totally shit Twilight for example While some virtually unknown books deserve to be at the top of book lists Wytchfire belongs to the latter category There s lots of really good authors out there While some authors shoot to fame on the back of top publishers like Tor and Gollancz others have to face a tougher and difficult climb to the top Michael Meyerhofer belongs to the latter category Wytchfire is one of the best books I ve read thisear and I ve read some spanking good books this Bringing to mind great writers like Tolkien and George RR Martin Meyerhofer has created a uniue fantasy world in which to immerse Stygiophilia yourself Unlike most mainstream writers of today the author fills his world with the same diversity that exists sometimes unacknowledged within our own reality There are different races genders sexualities and even body types within this world In fact his characters are often accepting of these differences than some of the real life people I have encountered My biggest complaint here was how often the women had to be beautiful It would be nice if female fantasy characters had a physical flaw or two butou can t have everything I supposeIn addition to the truly impressive world building Wytchfire features realistic sword fights a uniue take on elvenesue creatures and their magic and a terrifying entity simply called The NightmareI have also read some of his poetry books Meyerhofer s background in poetry gives his writing a literary feel He has a way with words that is increasingly rare within his genre Rather than phoning it in with tired descriptions Meyerhofer creates a lush and complicated place in which he grounds the story Even without the well drawn world map it is an easy enough place to navigate as we are in good handsIt is worth picking up I purchased the Kindle version but received an advanced copy of the physical book The kindle version is nice and doesn t cost much The paperback is also very well made and worth the price We open with Fadarah who is a kind of warrior mage a half breed and a key person in the siege of the city The Shel ai control the nightmare that can tear down city walls and if let off its leash completely destroy a city Then we meet Rowen Locke who is a down on his luck wannabe knight He failed his goal in achieving knighthood and then fails to sense a trap on the highway an. Steel sword against the kind of grown horrors his childhood knows all too wellBut that dream crumbled replaced by a new nightmareWar is overrunning the realms an unprecedented I originally read this book about a ear ago but unfortunately life got in the way and I never ended up writing the review When I saw that book two was coming out I decided to sign up for the tour no matter what setback life had for me this time Note My cat died on me
this morning life 
morning Life ou shakes fist in furyThis has been one of the hardest reviews for me to write mainly because everything that I want to say on the novel will be giving something away and I would be doing the reader a disservice by not letting them experience each and every moment on a disservice by not letting them experience each and every moment on ownI love Meyehofer s writing style His storylines are creative His words are elouent His characters are ones that pull Misconduct (Birmingham Rebels, you into the storyline and keepou in it The setting is described so well that Hollywood Education you almost feel likeou re there And something always happens that changes the story in a way Steps Through the Mist you were not expectingI could not put this book down during either read and ifou are into epic fantasy novels especially ones that include dragons this is definitely a book that The Missing Brides (Missing, you need to pick up AND Michael is an authorou need to keep Jan, Jans en de kinderen 11 your eye onWell done WELL DONENote I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review Please remember that this review is my opinion based on my personal impressions of the book This is an author on the up and Wytchfire is a fantastic read thatou won t regret The main character is not Dudo of St Quentin your regular epic fantasy fare and I love the originality and the instant depthou feel to the character from their first appearance This isn t a brave warrior a noble prince or someone on a uestit s a real person that has hopes but is a long way from themI loved the story and the way the crumbling world is a character in it s own right You find ourself drawing mental maps and wondering what is over there The politics and the room for further exploration is perfectly dripped Characters aren t good or bad they are both due to the world they inhabit Very highly recommended In his acknowledgements Meyerhofer refers to himself as a boyhood Tolkein fan It s obvious from reading Wytchfire where his inspirations came from by using multiple races that have to band together to fight a strong foeWhile the inspiration is there Meyerhofer is able to make his own world using a rich history reluctant heroes and a few surprises along the wayThe book is the first of a trilogy and is set up that way There isn t a huge cliffhanger at the end but of the end of one battle while we know the rest of the war is ready to rage onWytchfire may start off a bit slow but the action picks up fairly uickly with Meyerhofer not dawdling too long to give the reader background information He s able to blend it into the story while continuing with the current actionOne of my favorite parts was the distinction of two strong female characters They held their own against anyone who confronted them and were layered characters My only gripe is that they are both of course easy on the eyes which has to be noted by the men looking at them It s nice when I read a story where the men and women are described similarly without bringing beauty up when it comes to the women and not even mentioning that aspect when it comes to male charactersHowever Wytchfire is mentioning that aspect when it comes to male charactersHowever Wytchfire is great read for those who love epic fantasies as I do It certainly filled its role and feels like the start of a great adventureOriginally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy Wytchfire sucked me in immediately and long after my family had gone to bed I was still reading I paid for it the next day but the book was totally worth the exhaustion and I m a woman who loves her sleep Wytchfire is fast paced engaging horrifying and includes elements of magic complex and exemplary world building and believable characters ou either love or hate There seems to be no in between but maybe that s just me Michael Meyerhofer s writing style and storytelling is intriguing. In a land haunted by the legacy of dead dragons Rowen Locke has been many things orphan gravedigger mercenary All he ever wanted was to become a Knight of Crane and wield a king.

FREE READ Wytchfire The Dragonkin Trilogy #1

Wytchfire The Dragonkin Trilogy #1

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