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DOC Ya Gotta Believe My Roller Coaster Life As a Screwball Pitcher and Part Time Father and My Hope Filled Fight Against Brain Cancer Read online

If Im Found (If I Run eA thoughtul or chronological telling of the storyI reallynjoyed Don Yaeger s talk about the books he has helped various people write *So I D Listen To * i d listen to again and again I will be interested in reading some of the other books to see if the styles are the same or *A COHERENT STORY TELLING SINCE THE PHILLIES WILL BE *coherent story telling Since the Phillies will be back to the World Series next week I think now is a good time to review the book about the guy who got the last out in their only world championship I have always been a big fan of Tug although I missed most of the best parts since I was only 3 years old in 1980 as well as his son and daughter in law the book is pretty good mostly because he book is pretty good mostly because he a lot of good things to right about It s also pretty inspiring for someone who may be struggling with a significant crisisAlso I ll mention that I got to meet him once when he came to Lehigh for one of his son s concerts I was helping with the parking before the concert he pulled into my section I didn t need to check his ID to make sure he was supposed to go the VIP lot This is my book 21 on the pop sugar challenge it s going to be my toughest yet because it calls for a book your mother loved Well my mom passed away in March she gave me two books this one and the CaddyGirls evidence bible I m really going to make the second one a personally goal So for now we will start here I reallynjoyed the book I could see what made my mom like it The humor really helped otherwise it would have been rather dry One of the bad things about reading an autobiography by one of your childhood heroes is finding out what an asshole he was i love this book. Er his family and financial problems and what happens to a professional athlete when the cheering sto. In some ways Tug McGraw was my first crush I was an ight year old girl when he pitched the Phillies to their first World Series back in 1980 Being a big Tug and later Tim fan as well as a fan of the Phillies I felt compelling to read it when it was handed to me by another Phillies fan It s been a few years since then but I still recall how much I liked itand how glad I was to discover that along with a memories of him from childhood I can now say after reading his memoir that I really *came away liking him as a personopen vulnerable funny Tug wrote *away liking him as a personopen vulnerable funny Tug wrote about his life his mistakes and regrets iehe Tug wrote openly about his life his mistakes and regrets iehe t avoid discussing his abandonment of his country music superstar son Tim *FOR THE FIRST 18 YEARS OF TIM S LIFE * the first 18 years of Tim s life later redemption Through it all Tug wrote with the humor and zany zest for life that makes him to this day a favorite among Phillies fans I admit I kept reading this book to understand the relationship between his first son Tim McGraw I had heard parts of the story but not in ntirety I skipped a few of the baseball lingo stats and stories but could relate to some of the cancer fears Tim has the biggest heart and this book made me respect him It takes a lot of humility forgiveness and love to help someone who denied him and wasn t there for him It seemed to workout so well at the right time and grew the characters of both McGraw men You know why I love this bookbecause he admitted to his life on and off of the field Tug McGraw talks about verything and leaves nothing off We all think we know who our heroes are but we have no idea I thought that this a very good book It tel. Former relief pitcher for the Mets and the Phillies and father of country music star Tim McGraw Tug .
L of Mets Pitcher Tug McGraw s Battle Brain CancerI would recommend this book for those who love baseball the New York Mets A touching and honest story I heard Don Yeager speak at a recent conference and he gave ach attendee a free autographed copy of the book I started reading it back in late April but was working on some other books and didn t pick it up again till last weekAs a big baseball fan during the late 70 s and 80 s I was familiar with Tug McGraw and the 1980 World Series was one of the first I remember watching on TV So it was fun to relive some of those memories from the inside by hearing the storiesThe story is really tragic While death is tragic Tug McGraw was a pretty shitty person and father as an adult One of those guys who is a great friend and fun to be around but a real ass to his family He talks alot about those mistakes in the book but it is a real shame for his wives and his kids No Respect especially Tim McGraw His kids andx wives are pretty big people including his x girlfriend who is Tim McGraw s mother to allow him to be in Their Lives For As lives for as as he was And to care for him at the nd of his life they way they didi Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) enjoyed reading the story but the reason I give the book low marks is due to how it isdited or laid out It skips back and forth so much that it was hard to follow and really took me away from the story and being able to care Just a lot of herky jerky changes from one scene to the next Fast forward rewind then back to the present train of thought for awhile It seems like the book was laid out as if it was a stream of conscience telling of things not. CGraw writes openly of his on field triumphs and off field antics his dramatic battle with brain canc. Ya Gotta Believe My Roller Coaster Life As a Screwball Pitcher and Part Time Father and My Hope Filled Fight Against Brain Cancer