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[x men Books] ePUB Youre Missing It ☆ Brady Smith – Epub, TXT and Kindle ePUB free

To look around This was an adorable book about how parents need to get off of their phones and pay attention to the world around them especially their kids I ve accused a

few books of 
books of for parents than for kids books with self affirming plattitudes books with kids being adorable My point in saying that was that the story was going to resonate with parents rather than with kids But this book is blatently a moral for parents As you can guess from the cover the moral is GET OFF YOUR PHONE There could be a charging rhino and you wouldn t even noticeYes I am posting this review from my phone while my kids are eating breakfast Will his dad finally see the beautiful moments around him The illustrations are ust too cute The suirrels had me laughing through out the book The colors were so bold and vivid I wish I was inside the book I think it needed a little text and interaction This is a great book for parents to see that time spent with your child is precious and you should be having adventures outside with your children instead of being on your phone Enjoy the outdoors. Ng really BIG to get them to disengage from their phones This timely story brought to life with beautiful "Bold Art Is A "art is a reminder to slow down and savor time togethe. It is sad we need a picture book to remind To Stop Looking At Their Phones Beautifully Illustrated Nice stop looking at their phones Beautifully illustrated Nice Great message Loved the illustrations WARNING Before reading this book make sure you re ready to walk the talk Because as cute and hilarious as the artwork is the message is hard hitting One of my very favorite movie scenes is from Hook starring Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman There s a point at which Peter s wife Moira takes his cell phone and flings it out the window in frustration She gives one of the most heart wrenching speeches that ends with and you are missing it CHECK OUT THE VIDEO CLIP HERESo as I blink the wetness from my eyes this book is the story of a little boy who goes to the park with his father Everything is so bright cheery and colorful as the boy sees EVERYTHING happening all around him there are birds suirrels dogs flowers butterflies other kids and even other distracted parents While the boy marvels at the world all around him including an escaped purple rhinoceros his dad is MISSING IT ALL because he can t look away from his ph. A busy Hollywood couple spins a hilarious cautionary tale about what happens when you are glued to your phoneIt's a lively day at about what happens when you are glued to your phoneIt's a lively day at neighborhood park Birds are singing. ,

Youre Missing ItOne It becomes almost obnoxiously silly to See All That He S Missing Thankfully all that he s missing Thankfully dad eventually realizes what s going on before it s too late Nevertheless on the final page we re left with yet another child running along trying to get her mom s attention since she s on her phone The illustrations were done with a 2 "pencil an eraser a Faber Castell artist pen and watercolors For children s literature middle grade literature and YA "an eraser a Faber Castell artist pen and watercolors For children s literature middle grade literature and YA reviews feel free to visit my personal blog at The Miller Memo Good message for parents Storyline overall okay Loved the colorful illustrations Could be good for story "TIME KIDS ARE NOT THE ONLY "Kids are not the only that need to take a tech break A son takes his dad to the park where lots of amazing events occur but the dad keeps missing it because his eyes are glued to his phone Finally after many attempts the son gets his dad to participate in their outing A really good message with a fun delivery Dad takes his son to the park but is missing all the sights because he is looking at his phone great book for older children who need to take the time. Suirrels are frolicking dogs are causing a commotion and wide eyed children are enthralled by it all Too bad the parents are missing everything It's going to take somethi.

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